Retreat Packages

Please let us know how long you will have time for, and what and how many activities you’d like to do, so we can plan together with you, then give you the price. These are the options that we are able to offer.
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Craft Retreat

- Umbrella/paper fan painting
- Basket Weaving
- Clay Pottery
- Hand sewing
- Weaving
- Natural Hand Dye
- Batik
- Basic Leather Work
- Wood carving
- Working with banana leaves
- Garland making
- Thai Cooking, Thai Dessert Making

Rural Retreat

- Rice farming
- Tropical Gardening
- Market visit, Gathering, and Cooking
- Craft Making (basket weaving or fabric weaving, or crafts of your choice)
- Local Temple visits
- Yoga or Massage (your choice)

Health Retreat

- Herbal Compress Making
- Massage
- Aromatherapy
- Thai Herbal Therapy
- Herbal Compress Therapy
- Market visit and Organic Cooking
- Cycling - local village visit
- Yoga & Meditation