Rice Barn House - บ้านหลองข้าว

Sleeps: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathroom: 1 with hot water shower
Special feature: private small veranda overseeing gardens
Wireless access: yes
Access to common kitchen
No living room
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We have revived this all-teak rice-barn and converted it into modern usage, a one bedroom house for our visiting guests, with kitchen/dining/living downstairs which is mosquito protected, while still keeping the ‘Tai-thoon’ for guests to enjoy the garden.

The one bedroom with double bed has extended hot-watered shower/toilet en suite, a veranda outside to enjoy the top view of the garden and fish pond.

[A traditional northern rice-barn is a charming wooden teak house, so small we often wondered about its usage. We later found that it is actually the rice-barn to keep harvested crops (mainly rice for whole family) in every household. Often in teak to prevent insects, and built it high to protect from rats or pets, and occasional flood in some odd years, with a portable stair locked up somewhere, so there is no staircase to climb up, to protect the crops from the thieves. Nowadays, rice-barns have become a rare sight.]