Sala House - บ้านศาลา

Sleeps: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Living Room: no
Bathroom: 1 hot water shower
Special feature: open air sitting area next to a big fish pond/garden
Wireless access: yes
small outdoor pantry + access to common kitchen
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Sala was survived from the original all teak rice-barn with the intention of making it into a sala for family massage quarter. Then later it was walled and air-conditioned, against the mosquitoes and summer heat. So the shower/toilet is downstairs, like in the old days, on the cool ground floor called ‘Tai- thoon’, where we can sit in the cool, enjoying the fish pond in the garden, chatting with friends!

There is an open-aired pantry outside for cooking simple Thai food, or for washing up after the afternoon tea time.

[‘Sala’ is the open sheltered space for farmers to rest for lunch under the cool roof, in the rice field.

‘Tai-thoon’ is the big cool space under the traditional Thai house used for keeping pets (cows, pigs, chickens, duck, etc.), carts, or for the women’s weaving cottons, while the men weaving baskets in the afternoon after the morning field works.]