Veranda House - บ้านระเบียง

Veranda Option I

Sleeps: 4
Bedrooms: 2
Living Room: 1
Bathroom: 1 (bath + shower)
No full kitchen but with access to pantry with sink and common kitchen/dining + Big Veranda Private Rooftop Lawn

Veranda Option II
Sleeps: 6 (8 with extra beds)
Bedrooms: 4
Large Living Room: 1
Large Dining Room: 1
Modern Kitchen: 1
Thai Kitchen outside: 1
Bathrooms: 2 (bath + shower)
2 Verandas
Private Rooftop terrace
Garden Dining Area
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Option I:

This wooden house originally belonged to a well-to-do village family nearby, survived, re-erected, expanded to cater to modern living. It still maintains the original structure and look.

This is a two bed room suite on the second floor of the family house, with a living room in front, and a hot watered bath/shower room at the back next to the small pantry, in which the original kitchen for the whole peasant family was.

There is big veranda on the side, and at the back, a small roof top lawn for private stargazing at night.
All rooms are air-conditioned.

Option II:

If you have a big family, this could be the house for you. Especially if you like traditional wooden house a little rustic yet with modern comfort.

This option includes what you would get in option I, with an entire additional floor below, which is well equipped with a large western-style kitchen/dining room overlooking a fishpond garden. The big living room over looks the main big lawn garden on the other side, to watch the earliest birds' daily visit to the garden at dawn, if not just in bed listening to the birdsong.